Sergey Chubirko's atelier is not an art school but a traditional master apprenticeship or bottega  where individual relationships are forged with each student for their own custom development.  The group's mission is: active rediscovery, dissemination, and practice of the original didactic traditions of “academic art”, born during the Italian renaissance and brought to an apex in the early 19th century art academy.  Here, we consider “academic art” to be something very specific: a didactic program focused on developing a strong foundation of technical and philosophical skills that enable the artist to be truly free in their own personal visual expression. These essential skills are based around the foundational capacity of perceiving, understanding, and conveying FORM and LIGHT while practicing the illusive skill of “artistic selection” (something that can only be learned under the guidance of a teacher).  The apprentice strengthens this capacity via very specific approaches to figure drawing from life, master copies, still life, etc. Once an artist masters these skills he/she is equipped with an ability to create convincing compositions without such heavy dependence on nature.  Such is the path of our greatest artist predisesors, from Pontormo to Repin.  At this level, nature is used as an inspiration for the internal expression of the artist and not the end itself. All roads lead to composition such that nothing is drawn/painted for its own sake but for the sake of enabling the artist to achieve his/her intended superposition of form and light within a composition.  A deep understanding of drawing supports confidence and freedom in all spheres of the visual arts!




Mon, Wed, Thur, 6-8pm

Long-form classical nude figure drawing and drawing instruction according to the tradition of the great draftsman of the past.


Mon, Tues, Wed, Thursday 2-5pm

Poses vary from foreshortened nude figure to portrait setups with props and drapery.  Students are permitted to draw or paint depending on their specific academic needs and desires.


Saturday 9am-1pm

This course walks students through a formal master copy of the classical artist of their choice.  The copy is conducted with the specific intent of reinforcing and practicing the primary tenants of drawing and painting while dissecting specific technical nuances practiced by the specific master being studied.


Mon, Tues, Wed, Thursday 2-5pm

New students are encouraged to establish a firm basis in drawing fundamentals by executing a number of guided exercises.  This include but are not limited to drawing simple shapes and plaster casts.  This task is an essential step toward the goals of portraiture, figure, and ultimately composition.


Tues 5pm-7pm, Friday 9,30am-5pm

Though very well known for his academic draftsmanship, Sergey's true passion lies in the realm of composition.  Here, he offers this special guided program for students interested in making their artistic visions a painted reality.  Through this course students are slowly exposed to the nuanced practice of expressing one's internal world outwardly, using "visual language", or composition.



July 2019

Sergey Chubirko will be teaching a special workshop in Agrigento Italy in July 2019.  More information in the adjoining link.




Sergey Pavlovich Chubirko was born in 1969 in Transcarpathia, Ukraine, the former USSR. His lifelong dedication to his craft includes 13 years of formal training, 9 of which were spent at the famous Ilya Repin Institute in St. Petersburg , and 14 years as a classical art instructor in both Europe and China. Today his peers consider him one of the world’s greatest living draftsman and compositionalists. To his audience Sergey’s mastery is starkly apparent in his compositions and his list of commissions. Following the tradition of great artists like Michelangelo and Raphael he was invited to live and work in the Vatican from 2007 to 2010 where he produced a series of portraits and compositions for the church, including a portrait of Pope Benedict XVI. Today Sergey runs his own Bottega in Florence Italy where art student pilgrims from around the globe flock to practice the original drawing and painting techniques of the Italian Renaissance. Working shoulder to shoulder with his students he continues to produce works that both awe and inspire.




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